Our Hotel’s Recommended Points

Shinagawa Station offers excellent access to both airports and bullet trains (Shinkansen).
It is also on the Yamanote Line, which allows easy access to nearly everywhere in central Tokyo.

1 Convenient Access for Central Tokyo 1 Convenient Access for Central Tokyo

Our hotel is in a great location and is a mere 7 minute walk to both Shinagawa and Takanawadai stations.
Our guests are able to have a pleasant and comfortable stay; they find that their weariness from long journeys soon drains away. Staying at the Shinagawa Tobu Hotel is not just a place to rest your head; it is also a place to make lasting memories.

2.チェックイン 2.チェックイン

The room fee can be paid during check-in, and check-out is both smooth and quick.
We just need the name the reservation is under, and then check-in can be completed quickly. We will take you to your room directly.

3.お部屋/ラウンジでくつろぐ 3.お部屋/ラウンジでくつろぐ

For our guests who need to work, we have prepared both a quiet and calm space.
Plug outlets can be found around the desk and near the head of the bed, and it is possible to access our high-speed WiFi internet network anywhere in the building.


At the dedicated guest lounge on the second floor everyone is offered a welcome coffee.
Sit back, relax, and in comfort plan the rest of your trip. Naturally, our high-speed WiFi is also available here. There are guide maps for the local area around the hotel which are free to take. In your room you can kick your shoes off and wear comfortable slippers, for a comfortable stay.



At night-time there is complete security.
The hotel front entrance is locked from
1 a.m. to 5 a.m.
Only room keys can unlock the front entrance.
You can stay here with absolute peace of mind.

4.東京観光に出かける 4.東京観光に出かける

Shinagawa Tobu Hotel is located right in the middle of Tokyo.
There is convenient access for both bullet trains (Shinkansen) and Tokyo’s airports, allowing our guests to enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo right up until the day of departure.
The front desk will be happy to provide further information about recommended spots around the hotel.

5.ホテル自慢の朝食を食べてから帰る 5.ホテル自慢の朝食を食べてから帰る

Breakfast is from 7 a.m.
It is served at the popular restaurant DA Noi.
Enjoy plates freshly served up by our chefs.
The buffet table has dishes which are popular with both business travelers and families, and includes both homemade bread and salad, and also great tasting Japanese curry.